Top 2 AED Essentials

Top 2 AED Essentials

Top 2 AED Essentials – Defibrillator

You might have seen our last blog post, which explains all about what MediTec Solutions is about. If you haven’t read that one yet, you can catch up here. This week we want to tell you how we can help you with your AED maintenance!

So, you have gone and purchased your life-saving device for your community or workplace.

Congratulations! You have started to become a safer location for your colleagues and friends.

So, what happens next?

Many people think that once a defibrillator is purchased, that’s it. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The technology is advanced and the defibrillators do preform self-tests. However, from time to time to ensure the defibrillator is functioning as it should, a small amount of maintenance is required. AED maintenance can cover a vast number of things, so we have decided to make it easy for you and outline what you need to do to keep your AED in tip top condition.

AED Maintenance Essentials #1 – Expiration Dates

Things that often need replacing on a defibrillator are pads and batteries. Electrode pads are used to create a connection between the patient and the defibrillator. The batteries provide the device with the essential power to deliver the shock.

So what does a defibrillator do?

The defibrillator provides a shock which stops the heart. I know what you’re thinking… what, it stops the heart?  This allows the body’s natural pacemaker to restart the heart in a regular rhythm. If your device does not have electrode pads that are in date, or a fully charged battery, lifesaving intervention cannot be delivered (from an AED).

Electrode pads are not reusable and both pads and batteries have an expiration date. These dates must be checked on a regular basis. This allows for new pads and batteries to be ordered when required. Thankfully the Ipad SP1 semi-automatic defibrillator that MediTec Solutions provide come with software which will report when the consumables are required and need to be replaced.

The shelf life of batteries and pads vary on different manufacturers, but the Ipad SP1 defibrillator comes with a 5-year shelf life on batteries when the device remains on standby. This means that the AED and the pads are still sealed and in-date, the device can be used in a rescue.

As we always recommend that a spare set of pads are kept with the device, MediTec Solutions provides all defibrillators with two sets of pads and two starter kits. This means that your device will remain rescue ready for two patients, providing the batteries remain optimal.

We also provide a maintenance scheme for those that place AEDs in the community and allow the community to have 24-hour access to the device. This is a 10 year maintenance scheme, meaning that you will not have to pay for maintenance for the first 10 years of owning the device. Please contact us for further details.

AED Essentials #2 – Safe Storage

So, you have purchased your defibrillator. Have you thought about how you can keep it safe? Or where you need to put it?

Many people think of placing defibrillators near the front of a store, at the reception or in a hallway… normally in the box that it was sent in! The last possibility is definitely one we would not recommend. MediTec Solutions can provide indoor and outdoor cabinets that can be situated centrally to your working environment or community; making it easily accessible by anyone in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Indoor cabinet

Our indoor cabinets are alarmed, but not locked allowing individuals quick access to it in the event of an emergency. It also ensures that people are familiar with the location of the defibrillator and how to access it, in addition to keeping it safe.

Wall Bracket

A simple wall bracket can also be provided, this allows you to simply store your AED in a bracket that the device slots into. The bracket is fastened to a wall and will remain there as it is strapped in place until required. These could be considered the quickest storage option. In addition, they are the cheapest for retrieval out of all the storage options for an AED as there are no doors, lids or codes to be entered or opened.

Outdoor cabinet

When storing your AED outdoors, there are many things you must consider. Will my device remain safe? Can people still access it quick and how do I prevent the British weather deteriorating my device? MediTec Solutions can provide you with a one stop package, which allows protection of the device against the elements. A robust cabinet that deters vandals and is quickly accessible!

Our outdoor cabinets are bright in colour and come with a universal ‘AED’ symbol, so bystanders can identify the cabinet and contents quickly. We can also customise the cabinet to promote your business or native language. Some of the cabinets key features are below:

  • Green or red light – to alert bystanders of the AED location and if a defibrillator is present in the cabinet.
  • Coded entry – to ensure maximum protection of your device and prevent unauthorised access.
  • Heating – ensures the device is kept at an optimum temperature to allow for treatment at any time.
  • Robust stainless steel outer shell to prevent deteriorating of cabinet in British weather.
  • Internal light – helps bystanders locate the AED once access has been obtained.

In summary, defibrillator maintenance is paramount to ensuring that your device is ready in the event of a cardiac arrest. Without the consumables being in date, sealed and fully working a defibrillator cannot be used.

Some key things that may help you stay on top of your maintenance may include:

  • Having a designated person who looks after your device
  • An alert or reminder to check the dates or order new consumables

If it works for you we would like to know about it! Please share your ideas with us on Instagram,Twitter, Facebook or on here. Additionally, if you would like us to write a blog on something we haven’t covered please let us know!




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