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iPad NF1200 & 1201 – Child Electrode Pads

The iPad NF1200-NF1201 Peadiatric electrodes are designed for children between the age of 1-8 years old. This is because they adjust the power output of the defibrillator too make it suitable for a child.

Pad features

  • For use the iPAD NF1200 and NF1201 defibrillator.
  • Electrode pad life up to 3 years.
  • Clear instructions on electrode packaging ensure that no matter who the first responder is, they can quickly apply the electrodes in the right location on the body.
  • Paediatric pads ensure that a lower joule output is provided by the defibrillator (50 joule)

Additional information

Paediatric Electrode Pads are designed for patients aged 1-8 years, this is because once removed from their protective packaging and connected to the defibrillator prior to use, the AED will acknowledge the connection of the paediatric pads and automatically reduce the joule output to a level which is suitable for the heart of a child.

This product is for Paediatric Use Only (Ages 1 – 8).

When using these electrode pads, the defibrillator will deliver a maximum shock energy of 50J. This is not sufficiently in the treatment of adult patients. Please purchase the adult electrode pad equivalent.


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