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The Durafib outdoor heated defibrillator cabinet with lock is manufactured from polycarbonate (the same material as riot shields). Durafib have stated that they have tested this cabinet against baseball bats, hammers etc and it’s performance is unrivalled. This cabinet is vandal resistant against the majority of implements and it’s Hi-Viz appearance raises it’s profile in the area; making persons more aware of the existence of your AED.

AED cabinet features

  • IP66 (Certified for outdoor use in the most extreme environments)
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Digital temperature display (Assures you that your cabinet is heating adequately)
  • Mechanical key pad (Allows you to lock your AED cabinet. Any combination of digits can be used and set by the user)
  • Remote control alarm (Integrated alarm with remote control, sounds when the cabinet is opened or can be left unarmed)
  • LED lighting (Illuminating your AED inside the cabinet)
  • Clear perspex door (Allows you to check the status of your defibrillator without opening the cabinet)
  • Dual signage (ILCOR European AED signage and British Heart Foundation AED signage on both sides of the cabinet)
  • Large internal capacity (Large enough Inside to accommodate all AEDs on the world market)
  • Power/connection (3 pin UK plug as standard. Your AED cabinet operating from mains power supply. All of the cabinets electrical components operate at 12 V, reducing power consumption and risk of electrocution to users. The annual operating cost is approximately £2-£3 per annum)
  • Digital temperature display(The digital LCD screen is illuminated with the interior temperature of the cabinet displayed. This gives you complete peace of mind that your defibrillator is being stored at the correct temperature. Without this feature the user is unaware of the actual temperature inside their AED cabinet)
  • Remote control alarm (The cabinet features a remote control and contact alarm. When activated the alarm will sound when the cabinet is opened. The alarm can be shut off prior to opening using the remote control when you are servicing your AED. The alarm is mains powered and can be switched off if required. Alarm sounds at 120db and the remote control can be operated from up to 30 meters)
  • LED lighting (Internal blue LED lighting illuminates your defibrillator and adds to the overall appearance and profile of your AED)
  • Overall dimensions: 52(h) x 45(w) x 25(d)cm
  • Inner dimensions: 34(h) x 34(w) x 21(d)cm
  • Warranty: 10-year structural warranty

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Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1200 cm