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The Defib Store 1000 Locked Stainless Steel cabinet provides high quality security at a low price. Designed to be an external AED cabinet that it is IP66 rated, which means it’s rated against water and dust ingress. It’s suitable for coastal locations with its protected powder coated marine grade stainless steel keypad lock, which has been tested with salt spray for 10,000 hours. The Defib Store 1000 benefits from an internal LED magnetic light that activates in darkness on a motion sensor and can be removed and used as a torch. With a thermostatically controlled heater, this cabinet is kept at the optimal temperature for your defibrillator which can be hung on the internal hanger and viewed through the small viewing window.

AED cabinet features

  • IP66 (Certified for outdoor use in the most extreme wet and dusty environments)
  • Material: Exterior is protected with a yellow powder coated surface
  • Marine grade stainless steel keypad lock: Tested for 10,000 hours with salt spray
  • Thermostatically controlled heater: This ensures that the Defibrillator is kept at the optimum temperature, preventing electrode pads freezing and battery faults.
  • Internal hook: The internal hook accommodates any defibrillator without a case
  • Viewing window: The small viewing window allows the device to be checked without opening the cabinet
  • LED lighting: Motion activated internal lighting, which can be removed allowing rescuers to have better vision when performing a rescue in the dark.
  • Overall dimensions: 40(h)x 40(w)x 20(d)cm
  • Manufacturer: Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

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