Welcome to MediTec Solutions

Welcome to MediTec Solutions

MediTec Solutions Limited – Providing first aid training, defibrillators and event medical cover.

Hi everyone and welcome to MediTec Solutions. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit our new website, as well as reading our blog.

Ok you must be thinking what is this all about?

So MediTec Solutions has been established due to the growing demand for defibrillators. We have predominantly been working in the Bridgend area, but want to see these devices all over Wales.

The main aim of setting up the blog alongside what we can provide is to give advice and show you what we can offer your community. Ultimately, we want to reduce unnecessary deaths in your communal area by providing you with the tools you need to keep people alive. We would also love to get feedback from you about the services we are providing.

We will also be setting up a page that will allow you to donate to your area too. This means that when the correct funds have been raised, we will place an AED in your area. It would be in a secure cabinet that can be accessed by all of the public after calling 999 when needed. We will also provide awareness sessions to show you how to use these devices effectively.

Now you might be wondering where these cabinets can be placed?

Well they can be fitted on most walls. An electrical supply would be required. This is to produce a red or green light to show if the defibrillator is in the cabinet or not, as well as a heater to keep the cabinet at 5°.

What areas should be considered for a PADs device?

  • Areas of high population
  • Rural areas that may take an ambulance many vital minutes to reach
  • Areas of intense exercise
  • Any other areas that your community may benefit from having one

Thankfully we can also offer consulting to help you decide the best area in your community for your device.


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