Learning CPR as a family

Peadiatric First Aid

Our previous posts concentrated on the FREE Public Access Defibrillator courses that we have provided in the local area. We are very proud to say that we have provided over 400 adults and children with lifesaving skills within the Bridgend area with the help of our local first responders. This month we are going to concentrate more on our families and how you can support each other as a whole, from the mature generation to babies and everyone in between.

Did you know that more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, of which more than 2 million children are involved each year. All statistics have been provided by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) who provide a vast amount of information that can be utilised by families to prevent injuries in the home. With the statistics giving everyone a good insight to the types of injuries that can be sustained in the home, we have produced courses for paediatric, child and adult first aid.

This means when accidents occur you will be confident and prepared to administer the correct treatment in the first vital seconds and minutes; making a massive difference to the extent of the casualty’s recovery, duration of pain and overall experience whilst at hospital if required. We provide first aid training to anyone over the age of fourteen years, this training helps them appreciate the risks around them and take measures to prevent accidents in the first place. We teach all our students how to access and prioritise a vast array of injuries and illnesses.

This training will give the student the knowledge to detect when something seriously wrong is occurring and give immediate and appropriate first aid. The training we give empowers people of all ages with the skills and confidence to save lives. Being able to recognise when something is or isn’t a life-threatening emergency enables people to make better use of our stretched emergency services.

All of our courses are interactive and made to be fun, which aids learning and builds confidence. Some of our favourite courses are the Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at Work. We can also provide training to your whole family at home, if you have a room that is suitable for training.

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