Christmas – Party Season – First Aid

Christmas – Party Season – First Aid

Christmas – Party season – First Aid

With Christmas fast approaching and the party season starting, it’s important that you know what to do when your friends have a few too many. Whilst you should make sure you have a fantastic evening filled full of small talk and bad music, you should enjoy your evening! Just keep in mind that you will need to see your colleagues on Monday. As a result, maintaining your self-respect should be at the top of your agenda. However, if things do get a little out of hand we have produced an easy to follow guide to helping your work colleges or friends out.

Overdoing it on the liquor

What do you do if someone has collapsed having drunk too much? Check if they are breathing and then roll them into the recovery position to keep their airway open. It is important to ensure that they are monitored especially if they are vomiting,

When someone is intoxicated/drunk, it can become very difficult to assess them. The body does not regulate the core temperature as well and as a result hyperthermia can quickly take place. If someone is outside make sure they are kept warm by either taking them inside, or by giving them a jacket or blanket.


Falling whilst drunk is very common, but what do you do if your friend falls over and hurts themselves? Starting with head injuries, if someone bangs their head make sure they seek medical advice from a professional as soon as possible. Although obvious signs of injury may not be apparent, they can sustain brain injuries that might evolve in the next 48 hours. As a result, they must be checked as soon as possible.

If someone has fallen and is bleeding from their head, you must apply direct pressure on the wound, this can be done with any fabric material to slow the bleed, but ideally a dressing that can be found in any first aid box. Bleeding can take a while to stop, so whilst your waiting call for help and explain what has happened. Nightclubs and party venues will have first aiders so make good use of them.

Drink Safely

You will have been told this many times, but always keep an eye on your drink. A staggering amount of males and females have their drinks spiked each year. Something that can be easily avoided by not leaving your drink unattended or placing your finger or hand over the top of your bottle or glass.

Getting back from the party

Whilst we all love a good drink, make sure that you save some money for a warm reputable taxi home. Ideally book it before you go out, so you know exactly when your lift will arrive.

If some of your colleagues or friends don’t drink make sure you utilise them. A designated driver that is not drinking is an ideal opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the night, but don’t forget to buy them a few soft drinks to keep them sweet. Alternatively the train is an ideal opportunity to get home, however make sure you do your homework and don’t miss the last train home.

If you would like to know more about how you can help each other, contact us and book a Practical First Aid course which will give you lots of practical and theoretical knowledge to deal with emergency situations.

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